1. Moonlady


  2. songswithoutsingers:

    There’s a hint of the 70s thriller soundtrack to this Prescott album (think The Taking of Pelham 123) but aside from that they’re in a world of their own. If only they had more guitar bits like this one!


  3. Summer

    We have a busy summer a head of us in Manchester.

    First up is Blind Wives & Ten Mouth Electron this month.

    Then in July have two great shows, Alright the Captain + Mannheim

    And Halfling’s Leaf

    August will have us hosting Two Trick Horse


  4. Listen to Bear Makes Ninja here: Shouting at Bridges by Bear Makes Ninja

  6. From Another Place Presents

    MotherTongue April 24th

    Los Pecadores May 10th

    Bear Makes Ninja may 29th

    Art by Eleanor Savage

  7. Taste the Blood of Surf rock with Los Pecadores & Plantagenet 3 live at Dulcimer Bar, Chorlton.


  8. josu-music:

    Forced Fun by Bad Grammar, brilliant EP.

    Fucking great EP! Check it out!


    March 27th - F A L L S & The Hyena Kill https://www.facebook.com/events/606699459389708/?ref=22

    April 24th - MotherTongue & The Bear Around Your Neck with Jesus Knievel https://www.facebook.com/events/564651376956953/?ref=5

    May 10th - Los Pecadores & Plantagenet 3 https://www.facebook.com/events/601821669899410/

    May 29th - Bear Makes Ninja & Kusanagi https://www.facebook.com/events/727085493991833/